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Understanding your business is crucial

At Surrey Hills Removals we also appreciate that moving a home and moving a business are two totally separate entities, requiring totally different approaches. Good management and coordination should apply to both but for a business removal, military precision and control of logistics are essential.

We understand that time is money – and every hour that your business is not operating fully can be expensive. Downtime is not only frustrating to your staff, but to those all important customers too. We will ensure that your schedule is adhered to.

One of our business move specialists will start the process by arranging a free meeting with you. The purpose of this is to listen and understand the working and needs of your specific business and to create a detailed, workable removal plan with you. And whether your business is moving locally or globally, we understand how crucial it is that our staff liaise with yours and work together. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and every item, from a desk to a waste paper bin will be logged, packed and marked for accurate placement at your new location. Whilst we have an appreciation that delicate equipment such as scientific apparatus, servers and computers need special management and handling – for which we are more than suitably equipped. We also understand that you may need tradesmen present, new furniture, or fittings to suit new premises.

At Surrey Hills Removals we help make sure such deliveries and installation are timed to fit with our delivery of existing items. All part of a seamless move.

The place you work being moved can be disturbing but doesn't need to be. To see how we can avoid that, why not contact us now.

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The staff were all helpful from the first phone call to the completion of the actual move itself. All written communication was prompt and clear.

Mrs H. - Farnham to Hindhead

Service from beginning to end was outstanding. Thank you to you all from the people in the office through to the guys on the day. Much appreciated.

Mr & Mrs S - Cobham to Esher

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