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Moving Home with Your Pets

Early planning prevents problems ~ Keep pets safely out of the way

Cats in particular but dogs and other pets often find the moving process distressing. Think how they can react when you start packing for a holiday, then scale that up to a whole house being packed away.

You know your own pets but generally speaking, they are safest out of the way during major packing and unpacking at your new home. They will be happier coming into a home with familiar smells and furniture, rather than a strange house filled with packing cases.

Keeping pets shut in a "safe" room tends to increase their anxiety as they are aware of heightened activity throughout the house and there is always the risk of a door being accidentally opened, a pet escaping.

Boarding your pets is the easiest solution for you and safest for them, before and a little after the move. They will settle happily when your stress levels have returned to normal and their familiar routine is resumed, even though this is in a new home.

Travelling with Your Pets

Making a long journey easier ~ Should you Sedate poor travellers?

If your new home is a long drive, you need to give particular consideration to your pet. A good solution may be to take them to be boarded close to your new home on a quieter day, so they are safely out of the way before serious packing begins.

If you do need to take them them with you on the day of the move, leave ample space in the car for them. A travelling crate ensures they have their own secure space. Dogs should naturally be exercised just before you set off.

For pets who dislike car travel, limiting food for 12 hours can prevent car sickness but not stop them being stressed. Sedation is not a cure all. Cats can fight their way through sedation and dogs become confused, worried when sedated. Safety and security are key, if you know they will panic, perhaps hurt themselves without sedation, you and your vet will need to agree the best solution.

Finding solutions to every aspect of a move can be wearing but we try to share your wish to assist all the family. Why not take a look at our Surrey removals service, or give us a call to discuss your needs.

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